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Culebra welcomes you!Welcome to Culebra's Hotel Kokomo!

Culebra Hotel KokomoThe hotel Kokomo is the most centrally located hotel in Culebra. If you arrive on the inter island ferry boat (buy tickets here) you will be just in front of the hotel, across the road. All the publicos that take you to famous Flamenco beach, and other places ( for a slight extra fee ), come straight to the corner of the plaza (lower left picture) that separates the hotel from the water. The hotel Kokomo is painted in cheerful island colors and on the second floor has modest rooms with bathrooms and A/C. These rooms will accommodate two to three people in comfort. The third floor has two penthouses which are very spacious. One sleeps four and has one private bedroom, the other sleeps five and View from Hotel Kokomohas two private bedrooms. They have a great view from the balcony over bahia sardinas (picture below, walking distance to the beach), cayo Luis Pena, Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico. You can see great sunsets over the el Yunque rainforest in the distance.

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Sardinas beach in Culebra


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